Chaplain Janet Horton (Col. Ret.) “Divine Command Morality”

by Natasha Turak on February 26, 2013

 JANET HORTON, will speak on “Divine Command Morality” at Principia College’s Wanamaker Hall, 8:00 pm, February 26th.  This event is sponsored by The Euphrates Institute. All are welcome to attend. Please contact 618-374-5454 for additional information.

Janet Horton entered the U.S. Army in June 1976 and served for 28 years as a Christian Science Chaplain. She was the first woman in the Army Chaplain Corps to be assigned as a Division or Corps-level Supervisory Chaplain and the first woman to attain the grade of Colonel in the Army Chaplain Corps.
Having served two tours at the Pentagon, Horton prayed with casualties in the Pentagon Courtyard on 9-11.

Her talk, Divine Command Morality is an ethical concept based on the Abraham Tradition. Three major faith groups have preserved “faith group specific” texts about the Patriarch Abraham. The ethical precepts of this mind set are susceptible to excesses. Extremist from both Christian and Muslim groups have been notable for literally or figuratively inflammatory events that have made news in the last two decades. This mindset is very different from the typical Western European cognitive or non-cognitive ethical systems familiar to Americans and Europeans. The discussion will address the values, the ethical construct, the dangerous and volatile elements of some groups who have prescribed to Divine Command Morality based beliefs.  It looks at what constrains behavior and defines it as right or wrong.

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