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“Our World Beyond 9/11″ — Oct. 27 & 28th, 2011

Watch the slideshow of our two-day Summit — informing, inspiring, and transforming in “Our World Beyond 9/11.”

The Euphrates Institute hosted its first summit as a gathering for speakers, experts, and thought-leaders to better understand the problems that have defined the ten years since 9/11, but more importantly, to inspire us all to take our world beyond the 9/11 era and its divisions, conflict, and tragedies.

Each speaker brought a new dimension to our understanding of Middle East-West issues, and participants felt their hearts opening wider and wider to embrace the transformation we seek individually and collectively.  The spark of the movement has been ignited!

View speaker videos, including the following:

  • Euphrates’ 2011 Visionary of the Year Sami Awad Gala speech and panel discussion
  • Dr. James Zogby, President of the Arab-American Institute
  • Charles Gibbs, President of the United Religions Initiative
  • Sandy Wilder, Chief Listening Officer, Educare Unlearning Institute
  • Tom Quiggin, terrorism expert

Key Findings:

Our nearly twenty speakers and Warriors for Peace came together in WorldCafe format to discuss Einstein’s idea that “problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.”

Firstly, they outlined problems covering the full range of economic, social, and political issues, such as poverty, corruption, lack of education, non-renewable energy sources, fundamentalism, and a dominance of Western paradigms, but also the thinking underlying the problems–based on fear, the past, separation, self-interest, arrogance, apathy, and disconnection.

The group also discussed the level of thinking needed to solve problems, how to move from the old model of fear to one of hope, spirituality, trust, and love.  Ideas of how to do this included:

  • Starting with education and meeting people’s basic needs,
  • Shifting our language to be more inclusive,
  • Creating joint teams across boundaries,
  • Training on technology & social enterprise,
  • Focusing on our global citizenship rather than limited self-interests,
  • Providing experiences of Oneness,
  • Thinking with our “hearts” rather than our “heads”,
  • Living the Golden Rule.

The speakers also emphasized qualities such as openness, forgiveness, risk-taking, non-violence, deep, compassionate listening, valuing our own self-worth, and future-based thinking (of children/grandchildren, rather than the past.)